What is Olivia and Micah Plath’s relationship like now? (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Olivia and Micah Plath used to have a close relationship, but in an exclusive Welcome to Plathville clip, we see how their relationship has changed.

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The essentials:

  • Ethan and Olivia Plath are having marital problems in Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville.
  • Olivia’s relationships with Ethan’s siblings have also suffered.
  • Micah Plath was once one of Olivia’s biggest supporters.

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When Ethan and Olivia Plath announced their separation outside Welcome to Plathville, there was little surprise among her fans and social media followers. Because even though they try to work on their marriage in season 5, it doesn’t go well. And Ethan’s relationship with his family, including his younger brother Micah Plath, doesn’t help matters.

In an exclusive clip ahead of the Nov. 14 episode Welcome to Plathville, Ethan reveals to producers that Olivia forbids Micah from being in her house, but Ethan has yet to tell Micah this in many words. And it’s bound to cause a further rift, leaving Ethan’s family worried about losing him.

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Olivia Plath talks about her marriage on Welcome to Plathville
Source: TLC

What is Micah and Olivia Plath’s relationship like now?

Before the end of season four, when Olivia insisted on her boundaries with Ethan’s parents and rejected his younger sister Moriah Plath, Olivia and Micah had a close relationship. In addition to being in-laws, they were also good friends, and there was a time when Micah, Moriah, Ethan, and Olivia were a close foursome.

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However, following Micah’s move across the country to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career and Ethan and Olivia’s ongoing marital problems, another breakup occurred between Micah and Olivia. A dynamic developed between Olivia and Ethan against the rest of the Plath family. And in the clip, we see how far things have come from before, as Olivia tells Ethan that she doesn’t want him to bring Micah to her house.

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“So you’re saying he can’t come here at all,” Ethan tells Olivia, to which she replies, “No. He can stay somewhere else, but I don’t want him here.”

Ethan tells producers that he hasn’t told Micah about “Olivia’s decision” yet because he hasn’t decided what he wants to do when his brother joins them in Minnesota. And it will certainly create an even greater gap than before.

Olivia and Moriah were once close too.

Before making amends with her parents, Moriah leaned heavily on Olivia to help her break away from her strict upbringing, and they were close friends. But when Moriah started performing live music and Olivia came along but refused to perform when Moriah’s mother was present, problems began to arise. Then Olivia and her family met on the anniversary of her younger brother’s death and things were still tense with Olivia.

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Moriah accused Olivia of making things up about her. Their relationship continued to deteriorate. And at the beginning of the fifth season of Welcome to PlathvilleWhen Ethan and Olivia return home from a trip to Europe, they find that Mporiah has moved out without much warning. And when it comes to Olivia’s relationship with Ethan’s family, things are still going downhill.

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