When a nurse needed to dye her hair, she was given a wig instead

A traveling nurse has been told by the company that sends her to hospitals that she needs to dye her hair, which is green and blue. Can they do this legally?

Jennifer Tisdale – Author

I’m covered in tattoos and I don’t mind admitting that some of them are pretty ridiculous. One thing in particular has proven problematic, but not because I was ever explicitly told to cover it up. I have decided. The tattoo in question is a naked devil girl that covers my upper right arm, starting just below my shoulder. I’ve never asked an employer if I had to cover this or other tattoos, but I always did because it wasn’t worth the hassle.

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As for hair color, I have never dyed my hair a color that you wouldn’t normally find on someone’s head. Being a ’90s kid, I went through a manic panic phase as a teenager and dyed my hair cranberry red to match Claire Danes’s My so-called life. That’s about as wild as I get. A nurse who has chosen a blue and green hair combination is feeling the strain of an uptight employer who has asked her to change it. Is that even legal? I would not Beach for that!

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Pink hair, whatever!

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Hair today, colored tomorrow!

“I love your hair,” one person wrote one of Jenna G’s TikToks. She goes by @nurse_jennag on the popular app, but this fan didn’t praise her healing abilities. Jenna has striking blue and green hair that falls in waves over her shoulders. However, that could change.

In response to this flattering remark, Jenna made a separate TikTok specifically about her beautiful locks. “Actually, I just got the worst news about my hair,” she said with a sad smile on her face. While at the grocery store, Jenna received an unfortunate call from her travel nurse. She had to dye her hair.

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“The hospital where I’m starting tomorrow saw my profile picture and asked if I still had dyed hair,” Jenna explained. She did. Jenna was then told she had to have “natural hair by tomorrow.” Anyone who has ever dyed their hair knows that it’s difficult to get an appointment at the last minute. And before anyone suggests that: never dye your hair from a box.

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If she refused to comply, Jenna’s contract with that particular hospital would be terminated and she would be unemployed. Some people might think it’s no big deal, but Jenn has put “thousands of dollars” and countless hours into her hair. It is also very damaging to try to change it so dramatically in a matter of hours. What can a girl do?

People in the comments had lots of ideas for Jenna, like buying a wig. In one Follow up TikTok She explained why this is so difficult. “The only two places in this city that have wigs are Party City and Sally Beauty Supply,” Jenna said. “I have a huge head and a lot of hair, so these small costume wigs don’t usually fit me well.” Additionally, these wigs are prohibitively expensive. Tell me why a bob wig from Sally Beauty costs $100.

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Jenna decided to take the risk with an Amazon wig that she wore overnight. It should arrive before 8:00 a.m. on the scheduled start day. “If it doesn’t come in time, I’ll wear a scrub cap,” Jenna said. “You can handle it.”

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Are surgical caps allowed? one TikToker asked? Jenna has no idea. All she knows is that there is a picture for her badge on her first day. She will wear either a wig or a hat. The annoying thing about Jenna’s situation is that she works nights. The hospital will be practically empty. It’s unclear who she dyes her hair for.

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Ultimately, Jenna is only interested in being a nurse and trying to help people. It’s not 1945. I seriously doubt anyone suffering a cardiac arrest will be offended by Jenna’s hair color.

The good news is that not only did the wig arrive on time, but it looked great too. It even looked like you could see a scalp where the hair parted. My only question is, won’t the wig eventually itch? I can’t wear it for more than a few minutes without going crazy. Maybe Jenna has a very strong scalp. We hope she does!

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