Where can I find the request board in My Time at Sandrock?

In My time at Sandrock, you will spend much of your time befriending the people of Sandrock and working with them to improve Sandrock itself. Friends help friends, and you’ll provide a lot of friendly help by handling commissions for others.

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Anyone in Sandrock can post quests to solve, e.g. B. Request materials, food and even machines, all via the city’s request board. In this guide, you’ll learn where to find the Request Board, what type of commissions you can receive, and even how to apply for your own from the Civil Corps.

What is the Request Board?

Player character standing in front of the requirement board in the Trade Guild in My Time At Sandrock.

Similar to My Time at Portia, a Main source of Gol comes from Completion of orders for the city and the citizens of Sandrock.

Commissions are special requests of city dwellers separate from side and story missions. The townspeople will do it request multiple copies of a specific itemB. Bronze plates or copper ingots, and you have to do it comply with their request within a deadline.

The Inquiry board is located on the left wall within the trade guildAnd There are new commissions every day posted on it.

The Amount of commissions also available changes every daytogether with the person who posts them, your reward, their time limitWhat Item they will requestand how many they ask for.

At first you can only accept one commission per daybut like you Increase your reputation in the workshop Level, you will unlock the ability to do this more commissions per day.

What types of commissions are available?

Player character interacts with the requirements board and looks at the regular commissions in My Time At Sandrock.

There are four types of commissions You will come across the following: Building commissions, Generally commissions, Story mission commissions and Free town Commissions.

Building commissions

They are building commissions first type available for youand will be activated after you Complete the tutorial missions and move into your workshop.

These commissions will delight you Production of processed materials such as bronze bars, copper wire or weapons and Give it to the person apply for the commission.

Sometimes, These commissions can Request machines like the tailor machine.

These commissions reward yourself with Gols, Reputation of the workshop, Relationship points with the Person who submitted the application the item and experience points.

Mechanical engineering contracts also reward you with a small amount Trade badgeswhich can be issued in the Commerce Guild Store within the trade guild.

General Commissions

General commissions will be Available after reaching the second workshop leveland you will also have these commissions grow, process or purchase various types of Food and cooking ingredients.

Characters can request cooking ingredients, such as: tea leaves or processed foods like Salted sandfish.

General commissions too reward yourself with Gols, Relationship points with the person who applied for the commission, Reputation of the workshopand experience points.

Story Mission Commissions

Story Mission Commissions are special orders that arise available during certain story missions like “In Trusses We Trust.”

These commissions do not count towards your daily limit and is requested by Characters involved in the story Mission, like Heidi while In Trusses We Trust or Zeke during Moisture Farm Blues.

Like regular commissions, these Request machined or fabricated materials specifically related to the story mission at hand and Ask for many of the same items also, such as Marble stones.

Story Mission Commissions reward yourself with Gols, Reputation of the workshopRelationship points and experience points though usually offer more Gols and workshop reputation as normal commissions.

Free city commissions

Free City Commissions are, and are, a different type of special commission only requested by Yan.

These commissions Request machines only And Items being built on an assembly table and can ask for it story-related items, such as B. hanging tram cars, if available have completed their corresponding story mission.

Free city commissions offer a increased amount of Gols, Reputation of the workshopexperience points and Trade badgesbut her Only offer relationship points with Yan.

What is the Civil Corps Applications Panel?

Player character who uses the request board within the Civilian Corps in My Time At Sandrock and requests a commission from them.

After completing several story missions, you will unlock the ability to do this Publish your own commissions, and that The civil corps will complete it.

The civil corps application committee is is located within the civil corps Headquarters on the West side of the cityand you can There are two types of commissions with you: Ruin Diving Commissions or Item Request Commissions.

Ruin diving commissions Send them to a specific place or specific ruinand they will bring one back Different items depending on location chosen.

Item request commissions allow you to do this expressly request that the civil corps Find material for youlike raw animal skin, Coarse leatheror Fine hair.

Any type of commission can be can be adjusted in two ways.

Increase in the number of tours will be finished Increase the number of items find them and increase the costs in Gols while extend the duration the Commission will reduce costs.

Search for new locations, Exploring new ruinsAnd defeat new monsters will Expand the number of items and locations The civil corps can decide on a commission.

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