Where to breed rotting ghouls in Vampire Survivors

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If you want to 100% complete the Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari DLC, you have to complete some tasks that ask you to kill a certain number of enemies. Rotting Ghouls is one of them and you have to defeat a lot of them. Here you can farm Rotting Ghouls and unlock a character in Vampire Survivors.

Where to find rotting ghouls in Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari DLC

Rotting ghouls can be found on the Abyss Foscari map, which you unlock after breaking the seal of the lake on the Lake Foscari stage in Vampire Survivors. They only spawn in one location, which can be difficult to find, especially since Abyss Foscari is so dark and you have a limited field of vision.

When searching for Rotting Ghouls, look for a light purple Zombie-style enemy wearing a brown set of robes.

Location of Rotting Ghouls in Vampire Survivors

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To find Rotting Ghouls, head South from the starting position until you reach the two Crown stage pickup item. Go from here west until you reach the end of the horizontal corridor and keep walking northwest.

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You reach a long hallway where hundreds of Rotting Ghouls begin to spawn. This is where you want to farm.

The best way to breed Rotting Ghouls in Vampire Survivors

We recommend guns with a large area of ​​effectsuch as Garlic And King Bible, because you want to kill as many Rotting Ghouls as possible as fast as possible. When choosing passive items Empty Tome is a good choice as it reduces cooldowns, and candelabra increases the AoE size of your weapons, so you increase the amount of kill even more.

With large AoEs, enemies can’t even get close to your character, meaning you just can stand still and let the Rotting Ghouls run into your deadly trap while you watch the kill count increase.

How to unlock the Rottin’ Ghoul character in Vampire Survivors

To unlock the Rottin’ Ghoul character in Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari you must Kill 6,000 decaying ghouls. That sounds like a lot, but it cost us when using the method above less than 10 minutes.

There is no dedicated counter for Rotting Ghoul kills while on the run, so make sure you do this Write down your total kill counter number just before you start farming so you know when you hit 6,000.

As soon as they are done, exit Your run and you will get a pop up on the phase summary screen informs you that you have unlocked Rotting Ghoul. In order to play with the character, you must then purchase it from the character select menu when loading another run.

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