Where to find Disciples in MW3 Zombies

Occasionally you may receive a daily mission to find and kill a Disciple zombie. It can be strange to find them. Here’s how to easily find them in the MWZ.

How to find Disciples in MW3 Zombies

As mentioned earlier, finding disciples can be difficult if you’re not sure where to look. Finally, you are not given any instructions or reason for receiving the daily quest. So how exactly do you find one, you ask? There are two main methods you can use to find a disciple, and I will outline both for your reference.

The first method is to explore medium threat zones within the exclusion zone. The idea is that the further inland you go into the city full of zombies, the more often you will encounter powerful elite zombies lurking there. Disciples are some of the most common Elites I’ve encountered on my solo explorations, and they’re just as dangerous as you may have heard. If you plan to choose the method, proceed with caution. Level 2 zombies block your every path and are much harder to kill compared to their level 1 brethren, including Disciple.

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The second method and the method I recommend mostis to use large bounty contracts to force someone out of hiding. Big Bounty contracts are like regular kill contracts within the MWZ, only larger, as the name suggests. Every time you accept a Big Bounty contract, you will be tasked with killing an elite zombie. There are a variety of them, and you may not get a disciple on the first try, but you will in the end if you continue to accept the mission. Once you’ve done this, head to the target location and kill him. Make sure you have decent weapons with you as this is an elite zombie and it will take quite a bit of firepower to take him down.

Best locations for disciples in MW3 Zombies

If you still opt for the first method, here are a few tips for hunting Disciples in the medium threat zone. First, disciples have no fixed place to find them. They tend to hang out near buildings, particularly military bases in my experience. They also like to stay close to already active zombie hordes, as they have the core ability to strengthen zombies, which makes sense. Finally, when looking for disciples, pay attention to their aura. Disciples are floating zombies that have a distinct glow that is visible from great distances.

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