Where to find the flying takoyaki in Like A Dragon Gaiden

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When it comes to the Stroll ‘N Patrol missions Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, The missions you get from Puzzle Solving Girl are some of the more difficult ones.

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Instead of simply fetching an item for them or beating up a few thugs, you have to decipher their requests and take a photo for them. It’s not hard to confuse yourself and completely miss what she’s looking for. Luckily, we have all the information you need to grab the picks and run Yakuza back into the ground.

Start of the “Flying Takoyaki” mission.

Like a Dragon Gaiden, Find the Terrible Creatures Request, The Puzzle Solving Girl-1.

To start this request you need to go to Stijl Bar on the west side of Sotenbori St. The puzzle solving girl will be sitting in the back of the bar. As soon as you approach her, she will tell you fantastic stories about flying takoyaki. Now all we have to do is find this flying fried food.

Where to find the flying takoyaki

Like a dragon Gaiden, find the terrible creatures, the flying takoyaki

One of the first thoughts you’ll probably have is to head straight to the takoyaki stall on E Sotenbori St. But that would be a bit too easy, right? Instead, make your way to Shofukucho. Go to the intersection where Shofukucho runs through the center of the map and south toward Akame’s office. Club Heavenly is near this intersection if that helps.

If you look up at this intersection you will see a giant takoyaki above the building that stands on this corner. This is the infamous “flying takoyaki” we’re looking for. Take a photo of it with the in-game camera!

Part of the problem here will be that some Westerners have probably never seen takoyaki. Takoyaki is squid fried together so that they look a bit like donut holes with sauce drizzled on top.

Now that you have a picture of the takoyaki, head back to the Stijl bar. Give the picture to the puzzle solver and you will be rewarded 600 Akame Points!

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