Woman with four children breaks down monthly expenses

A woman on TikTok broke down the monthly expenses she and her husband incur to care for their four children.

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We all feel the economic struggle of the 2020s a little differently. Many of us are struggling to find a new job, afford essentials, move, and figure out how to realistically achieve our personal financial goals during these difficult times. No one’s turmoil resembles anyone else’s, but we are all aware of how difficult it is to maintain anything in this unspoken financial crisis.

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It’s difficult enough for singles or even couples, but imagine how difficult it must be for people to start a family in this economy.

Well, Maddie on TikTok (@mdncyr) don’t have to imagine it. She and her husband have to take care of many expenses when it comes to raising their four children. Maddie even broke down what she spends in a month, and the details aren’t pretty.

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This mother of four spends thousands every month raising her family.

In an argument with another TikToker who questions how people can afford to live right now, Maddie offers her own take on things. As a mother of four, she and her husband spared literally no expense to raise an entire family in Florida.

Maddie explains that between her nursing job and her husband’s “really good job,” she and her husband make over $160,000 a year. However, they can hardly make ends meet.

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The mortgage they pay on their home is over $1,700 per month, including insurance. Maddie also has payments on a large vehicle that she needs to accommodate herself and her children.

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She also spends a lot of money on additional costs such as internet, gas, health insurance and groceries. These foods can even cost $200 to $300 per week.

“We live paycheck to paycheck,” Maddie admitted in her video. She even revealed that they often only need to budget for eating out in a given week.

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Due to the tight budget, there is of course very little scope for leisure spending. Maddie’s family doesn’t spend money on app subscriptions and just sticks to the bare essentials.

She even compared her financial situation to that of her own parents growing up. According to Maddie, her parents earned about $100,000 a year between them. However, they lived “comfortably” and even went on leisure and vacations without much concern.

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This should teach you everything you need to know about economic inflation. A combined salary that once took disposable income into account is now far from enough to support Maddie’s family.

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Maddie didn’t provide any actual numbers, but it’s obvious that all of these expenses combined would add up to a financial nightmare. In fact, most people in the comments had already heard all they needed to hear when she mentioned that she was raising four children.

It’s difficult to afford anything at the moment, but a family with four children definitely has to keep the whole “financial struggle” under control.

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